Digital Analytics War – Priyanka Chopra vs. Deepika Padukone


Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone both have been famous in Bollywood movies and both have started working in Hollywood as well. Hence, we have a next digital analytics war between them. (Please see our last digital analytics war between Superman and Batman – )

Does Priyanka Chopra beat Deepika Padukone in this digital analytics war or they have reached a Nash equilibrium point with respect to their popularities on various social media sites and search engines? Let us try to answer this question through social media analytics and digital analytics. We have collected data of all search engine trends (Google search data, Bing search data etc.) and social media comments (Facebook data, Twitter data, Linkedin data, Blogs data) from different sources for both the actresses.

First here is their search engine data analysis. The following graph shows the search data (how many times their name was searched on search engine) with respect to their movies releases and major events.



This graph shows Priyanka Chopra as clear winner over Deepika Padukone in terms of search engine results and in growing in movie star popularity as time goes on. But, let’s look at the countries in which they are popular and people from which countries are searching their names.


In Nepal, The have similar popularity index in terms of search engines i.e. 100%. In India though Deepika Padukone (87) is ahead of Priyanka Chopra (72) by margin of 15 (Deepika Padukone also wins Sri Lanka and Mauritus). Wait, don’t just think yet that Deepika Padukone wins this digital analytics contest. Priyanka Chopra has more searches in Bangladesh and Pakistan if compared with Deepika’s searches.

So, they are leading popularity index with respect to search engines in different countries. And this can lead to a nice customer segmentation or market segmentation on the basis of which decisions to cast both of them in single movie can be taken (Example – Bollywood movie Bajirav Mastani)

Now the main question comes to your mind. So, what if Priyanka leads or Deepika Padukone leads particular country. It does not mean that they are famous and if taken into movie they can make movie profitable. Their number of searches can be due to some bad event or due to their infamousness.

The answer is Sentiment Analysis. Sentiment analysis of social media comments about them will tell you exactly how people feel about them and are they interested in watching their movie.


Strength – Social media comments about Priyanka Chopra (44%) have more strength than Deepika Padukone (42%) (Strength is the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media. A very simple calculation is used: phrase mentions within the last 24 hours divided by total possible mentions.)

Sentiment Ratio – Priyanka Chopra (10:0) has lower sentiment ratio as compared to Deepika Padukone (20:1). That means, in 10 comments, Priyanka has 0 negative comments but in the same sample which is statistically significant Deepika has 20 positive and one negative comment. (Sentiment is the ratio of mentions that are generally positive to those that are generally negative.)

Passion – Deepika Padukone has more passion index across geographies as compared to Priyanka Chopra. (Passion is a measure of the likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly. For example, if you have a small group of very passionate advocates who talk about your products or brand all the time you will have a higher Passion score. Conversely if every mention is written by a different author you will have a lower score. Most frequently used keywords and number of times mentioned. Number of mentions by sentiment.)

Reach – Priyanka somehow has larger social media reach index as compared to Deepika. (Reach is a measure of the range of influence. It is the number of unique authors referencing your brand divided by the total number of mentions.)

So overall, people are highly passionate about Deepika and talk mostly positive about her as compared to Priynaka. Priyanka somehow will be the best person for advertisement since she has larger reach and has ability to influence customer behavior.