Interview with Rajesh Jakhotia – Founder of K2 Analytics


Interview – Rajesh Jakhotia, Founding Member, K2 Analytics

K2 Analytics is Business Intelligence and Analytics focused training institute. At K2 Analytics, our mission is to provide training & skill development courses to individuals, make them skilled & industry ready, and create a pool of skilled resources readily available for the industry. It is founded by Mr. Rajesh Jakhotia who has worked in many analytics and big data firms at various leadership levels.

Mathminers – Hi Rajesh, can you please walk us through your analytics journey so far?

RJ – I am an Analytics Professional with over 15 years of experience. I started my career as a Software Engineer at Aptech Ltd and then moved out into the Analytics field. I worked with Fractal Analytics, Adventity Global Services, Hansa Cequity in various leadership roles in analytics domain. In my professional career, I have built and delivered 100+ analytical models and solutions for various clients. My last job was at Positive Integers as Director – Analytics before moving full-time to my own founded training company, K2 Analytics

Mathminers – What about your educational background?

I am an Engineering Graduate from V.J.T.I, Mumbai University. I have successfully pursued Senior Management Program from IIM-C. I am also a Project Management Program certified by PMI and Oracle Certified Associate.

Mathminers – Awesome. First of all, for my audience I would like to know what made you shift from Analytics Practitioner to starting up your on Analytics Training startup

RJ –  Hi….I can attribute me starting K2 Analytics to two key factors – 1) My passion towards teaching, training and sharing knowledge.  2) I have been to various colleges for recruitment. I have often seen there is a gap in the skills required by industry and the freshers coming out from various institutes. I want to bridge this gap and help our students and working professionals to make best of the career opportunities in Analytics and Big Data which is staring at us.

These two has primarily driven me to move from being an Analytics Practitioner who was delivering analytics solutions for various clients to a trainer who wishes to impart quality training at affordable price. By affordable, I mean AFFORDABLE.


Mathminers – Can you brief us about the analytical skills required by industry and kind of training courses you plan to offer?

RJ – From my 15 years of experience I have observed that there are three main skills required to be successful in analytics.

  1. Business Acumen or simply said logical thinking
  2. It is important that a person wanting to be in analytics should have liking for numbers
  3. Technology awareness, willingness to do some coding and work on analytical tools

Besides the above, Communication Skills plays very important role

Our courses will be focusing on the above three. Our course content are designed and guided by what industry needs. Given that I have been and seen the analytics industry from close quarters since 2003, I am very much involved in designing and delivering of the course content.

For example, we are launching a course on “Data Science with R” where we would be covering all the above three aspects. In this course we will be teaching Modeling Process, Statistical tool like R and modeling techniques like Classification Tree, Logistic Regression and Random Forest. To make things easy to understand we will be training with some real life examples from industry.

We are coming up with a short 30 Hrs course on “R Programming”. The objective is to help one quickly gain expertise on R. Those having SAS experience can also take this course to quickly hone their skills on R.

Then there are other courses like “Retail Banking Analytics” where our focus is primarily on sharing Business Domain Knowledge, how things are executed at ground level in banks along with application of analytics.

Likewise we are going to come up with many more training course on tools like SAS, Python and on various business domains.

For more details I would suggest refer our COURSES section on our website –

Mathminers – Who is the target audience / target segment for your courses?

RJ – If I have to segment the candidates desiring to build a career in analytics then I would segment them into four broad categories. At a broad level there are 2 categories Students fresh from institutes and Working Professionals. Both these categories can be further segmented and we have 4 types of people wanting to get into analytics


  • Working Professionals with technical background, especially those working in Business Intelligence
  • Working Professionals having domain knowledge
  • Freshers from MBA without technical knowledge
  • Freshers, Engineers or MBAs with technical background

 Our courses are designed for all the above categories. However, I personally feel that anyone having some technical background and willingness to dirty the hands with some coding are the ones who would benefit most from our courses.

If someone feels that they only want to know applications of analytics, then I would suggest that they should take our course “Retail Banking Analytics”

Mathminers – What is the duration of your courses?

RJ – The duration of our course is between 24 Hours to 72 Hours. The training would span over 4 to 12 weeks. We are intentionally panning our session over minimum of 4 weeks as candidates taking our session will be given practice assignments after each session. Practice makes man perfect and hence the assignments.

Mathminers – What will be your mode of delivery?

RJ – We feel that there is huge demand for analytics professionals across India and across the globe. As such we have decided to provide Online Instructor Led training. Moreover in line with current trend I think the future is Online Education. We will provide access to video recordings to students to revisit the training sessions.

Going forward, we may think of Classroom trainings as it facilitates Face to Face interaction.

Mathminers – What will be your USP or how would you differentiate from other analytics training service providers?

RJ – I would not like to compare ourselves with other players. I think everyone is doing their bit to develop analytics skill pool in the country. However, some of the things that we would be doing in specific are:

  • We will share our training presentations, data files with students. I personally feel that storing and referring a presentation is much easier than seeing same video again.
  • We would ensure that our trainers come with industry experience.
  • We strongly believe that to teach analytics you need to clarify the concepts. In my training I constantly tell students CONCEPTS > LOGIC > SYNTAX. First & foremost get the Concepts rights, then think of logical execution and finally the coding syntax. We will hold to this approach of training even for our courses involving lots of programming and coding syntax like “R Programming”
  • Affordable price.

Mathminers – Any suggestion that you would like to give to those aspiring to be in analytics

RJ – My humble request to those wanting to be in analytics is that they should take this field only if they are passionate about data and maths. I have published my blog “Is Analytics Career for Me?” on LinkedIn. I suggest aspiring analytics candidates to read it.

For any counselling support one can write to me directly at