Movie Superman VS Batman – digital media analytics battle.. Who wins


As we get close to the long awaited release of the movie Superman Vs Batman, we have done social media analysis and digital analysis of the movie. The objective of the analysis was to see who is more popular on social media Superman or Batman? Here are the results –

Superman vs Batman Google searches –


Superman Vs Batman Google searches – Produced with the help of Google trends

Google searches i.e. number of times the name Superman or the name Batman are almost same for the year 2015 which is the year when the movie name was announced and the trailer was launched. You can see the numbers highlighted by the circles in the diagram. Does this mean that Superman and Batman have the same market share in the comic and the movie customers? Not really.




Superman Vs Batman regional market share in terms of Google searches

When you see the google searches by the region, you get the clear winner in terms of google searches. Batman covers most of the developed countries like US, UK, Canada etc. where movie business is dominant and well structured. As compared to Superman, who is searched and well loved in countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia etc. where either the population size is small or the movie business is not well structured in order to cash in on the popularity of the comic character.



In terms of social media again, Batman wins the battle in terms of Passion index by the fans and sentiment ratio (number of positive sentiments: number of negative sentiments expressed in social media)