Topsy – the social media analytics company shuts down!!!


Topsy was highly acclaimed company in social media analytics arena. It was started in 2007 and it got acquired by Apple in 2013 for $200 million. Topsy became extremely popular for its analysis of Twitter data. It was one of the few services which enabled users to mine tweets which were dating back to 2006 and come up with different trend analysis.

One of the analysis done by Topsy is shown below –

Topsy Retweeted
18 Nov 2013
In terms of thier links shared on Twitter 4 past yr @deezer has grown by 6x, @pandora & @spotify about 2x, per @topsy


Topsy’s subscribers started going away from them from 2014 and subsequent decrease in the subscriptions has led to this shutdown of the company.

Users community is pretty upset by the shutdown and is hoping that Apple will come up with strong social media analytics substitute which can be used instead of Topsy

Here are some of the comments about Topsy –

Patrick Burke@Patrick_H_Burke 5h5 hours ago

RIP @Topsy. Thanks for sunsetting a great, free tool, Apple. Looking for replacements…#socialmedia#sociallistening

Tom Holzer@binaerschmiede 16h16 hours ago

@Sam___Hurley Unfortunately @Topsy got shut down 🙁 #RIP#Topsy

David FitzGerald@FitzGeraldDavid Jan 9

RIP @Topsy Long live… Post Topsy Survival Kit: The Best Replacements via @linkhumans

Thiago Pojda@tedois Jan 7

Thiago Pojda Retweeted Topsy

WHAAAAT I just found that @topsy is gone… I feel both sad and desperate because it was great. What can I use now?

Kathy Harvey@_KathyHarvey Jan 7

Boo @Apple! RIP @Topsy I loved you, you will be missed. Any suggestions for alternative tools welcome. Buzzsumo? Twitter’s advanced search?

Theresa Walker@editorwalker Jan 6

When you go to use @Topsy & find out Apple killed it. Thumbs down, @tim_cook. RIP, @Topsy. #crappynewyear

Josh Belkin@SantaDevs Jan 6

It is a sad day. I just found out that @Topsy finally brought their site down. Freaking Apple taking away my nice analytic toys…

Judy Gombita@jgombita Jan 6

@billspaniel I’m so bummed Apple shut down @Topsy. It was my best and most-useful monitoring tool! 🙁 Looking for alternatives #CommChat

Jane Carnall@EyeEdinburgh Jan 5

@Topsy Dammit. Just realised you’re gone. Another reason to hate #Apple. @awsamuel @Tim_Cook

H.W.@number_siete Jan 4

Didn’t notice @Topsy had left us, but that’s because I’ve been away from work for two weeks:

H.W.@number_siete Jan 4

H.W. Retweeted Topsy

Excuse me while I mourn the loss of @Topsy. One of the best, free tools..

Chris Ashley@Orchard_chris Jan 4

Goodbye @Topsy. The internet is a darker place without you!

Manoj R Patil@manojrpatil Jan 4

#Apple dumps @Topsy, #BigData hype subsiding?

Paul Watson@paulmwatson Dec 31Dublin City, Ireland

@ary3ss @Topsy yeah it used to be a great Twitter firehose search and graphing site. Bought and killed by Apple